What are the basic requirements for mix concrete batching machine should meet  With Chinas large-scale construction projects is gradually increasing, and increasingly stringent quality requirements of the project, the traditional manual method batching scales or volume measurement methods already 2015 new-designed hand held concrete vibrator poker unable to meet the progress of the project, and can not achieve the required precision. Therefore, concrete batching machine gradually developed, which has high accuracy, high distribution efficiency, high degree of automation, concrete batching machine has become an integral part of large-scale construction of concrete machinery, it can mix automatically based on a user-designed concrete completion of sand, stone, cement and other ingredients tasks, the design of which mix the basic requirements should be satisfied?     Strength requirements     Meet the structural design strength requirement is concrete mix design priority. Any structural parts of the building will be made of different "strength design" requirements. In order to ensure concrete batching machine mix is ​​designed to meet this requirement, must master mix design-related standards, norms, combined with fluctuations in the quality of materials used, production levels, the level of construction and other factors, correctly grasp the intensity level is higher than the design "formulation strength . "     Workability requirements     According to the project construction site, 2.2kw engine power electric concrete vibrator bosch the amount of steel reinforcement, construction methods and other requirements, determine slump concrete mixture to ensure concrete batching machine concrete mixture has a good homogeneity, segregation and bleeding does not occur, is easy Pouring and plaster.     Durability requirements     Concrete mix design not only to meet the structural design of the proposed impermeability, resistance to cold and other durability requirements, but also consider the structural design of unspecified additional durability requirements, such as cold regions pavement, bridges, water level in range of construction, as well as exposure to chlorine pollution of the environment structure. In order to ensure the concrete batching machine concrete structure has good durability, not only to optimize the concrete mix design, equally important work is carried out before the concrete mix design, raw concrete response be preferably used, the choice of good raw material, is designed to ensure that concrete zf220 electric powered small concrete vibrator 380v has good durability of the basic premise.     To meet the economic requirements     In concrete batching machine to meet the technical requirements of the above premise, to minimize the cost of concrete, to achieve a reasonable and economic principles. In order to achieve this requirement, concrete batching machine mix design should not only rational mix design itself, but also on the quality of raw materials should be preferred, select high-quality and reasonable prices of raw materials, but also the concrete mix design process should pay attention to the problem, ensure the quality of the concrete is not only beneficial but also an effective way to improve the economic efficiency of the concrete business.